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Name: Karen Ladouceur

Year hired in East Detroit/Eastpointe Schools: 2002

Current staffing assignment (building, grade, subjects, etc.): ECSE-Early Childhood Special Education Instructor/Teacher Consultant

My Union Story: In the spring of 2018 I was diagnosed with a rare tumor that manifested in my jaw. After consulting with specialists at Henry Ford Hospital it was evident that I would have surgery and months of recovery to gain back my speech and mobility. Grafts would be taken from various parts of my body to build a new jaw. Due to complications the first surgery was unsuccessful resulting in two more surgeries and an extended stay in the hospital. It was obvious that I would not be returning to work for a significant amount of time.

The union has always prioritized a sick bank program. One that can be accessed for EFE members in cases like mine. I was able to convalesce at home knowing my family and household were secure financially and I could return to work as soon I was able. What I went through was a traumatic experience however the sick bank program and the support I received from my union was a godsend.

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