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How We Support You

Representation.  Advocacy.  Connection. 

Membership delivers substantial benefits.

Standing for you and with you since 1942.

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We want to hear youYour experiences. Your suggestions.  The Executive Council meets monthly where concerns are heard and we look closely at how they are being addressed.

We want to support you. With representatives in the schools and at a legislative level, we are paying close attention to your needs and those of our students. We provide you access to tools, benefits, information and opportunities to influence outcomes.

We want you to experience the advantages of membership.  Your Professional Liability insurance is paid through your dues. As a member in good standing you have access to the EFE Sick Bank once you meet eligibility requirements. Your membership with EFE automatically makes you a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) nationally and AFT Michigan, as well as the AFL-CIO.  There are numerous benefits offered by these organizations collectively and individually that you can access to improve the quality of your profession and your life.

We value your contributions. Our Collective Bargaining Agreement (as of Summer 2020) covers 164 Teachers and 35 Paraprofessionals.  We are inclusive in our practices and strive to create a sense of belonging.

After 80 years, we know that together we are stronger and we work to create opportunities that support your well-being.

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